Citizen Science Cheerleading Projects, brought to you by Pop Warner and Science Cheerleader

Science Cheerleader is making it easy for Pop Warner cheerleaders and coaches to connect with Science Cheerleader activities and their members.

Cheerleaders can practice several cheers and measure their heart rates, tie cheers into real research projects, share their own cheers and activities, and also work with a local Science Cheerleader to meet with your team. Below are some ways you can connect with the Science Cheerleaders:
1) Invite a local Science Cheerleader to meet with your team to:
Get tips from the pros on crowd engagement
Discover what it takes to be a professional cheerleader
Learn about science and technology careers
Hear their inspiring stories of being professional cheerleaders and scientists/engineers
Lead a science cheer with your team!

2) Incorporate one or more of the Science Cheerleader Cheers at your next event or game (invite a Science Cheerleader to join you!):

Big Cheer for Science!
Our Hearts Pump When We Jump!
Click Here to download the “Science Cheerleader Cheers” full document.

3) Create your own Science Cheerleader Cheer and share it on the Science Cheerleader and Pop Warner Facebook pages!

4) Encourage cheerleaders to participate in “citizen science” activities.

Check out Citizen Science activities here:
5) Share videos and pictures of your Science Cheerleader activities on the Science Cheerleader and Pop Warner Facebook pages!
Here’s how the Blue Spring Gators (Missouri) tied science to cheerleading!
Smart Phone Apps:
DROID: Instant Heart Rate by AZumio Inc.
iPhone: Instant Heart Rate by Modula d.o.o.
iPhone: iSeismometer by ObjectGraph LLC

Find a Science Cheerleader in Your Area by completing the request form located at the bottom of the Support Us page.

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