Dave here. Another Wednesday, another round of links from the science blogosphere and beyond…
The Fish That Walks on Stilts.  For real.   These fish live almost a mile below the surface.  Dr. Craig McClain from Deep Sea News brings you video.
The Science and Engineering Behind Baseball. Several years ago I had the chance to visit the University of Massachusetts – Lowell and see their technology-based business incubator and meet a number of their faculty.   I never forgot the great job they did making science relevant and engaging to me.   UMass-Lowell will have a group at the USA Science & Engineering Festival on the National Mall this October, and one of the things they’ll be talking about is Baseball.  (Lowell is also home to the Red Sox minor league affiliate, the Spinners.)
Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be action heroes. Science Daily reports that the superheroes portrayed in popular movies today may not be the role models you want your young boy to have.  (Apparently some northeastern liberals aren’t appreciative of the chauvinist-by-day, butt-kicker-by-night motif.  Discuss.)
The science and art of whiskey making. This is from Andy Connelly at the Guardian in the UK.  I’d love to see someone in Kentucky walk us through the process of making bourbon…

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