Wescott’s Weekly Roundup: Best of the Science Blogs. Now With Extra Puppies.

Another week, another round of links from our friends in the science blogosphere.  This week with extra puppies.
First, Jason Goldman at ScienceBlogs notices that a surprisingly small amount of research has been done about the relationships between children and their pets.   How does pet ownership affect child development?  People can tell great stories about their pets growing up, and some of the best stories out of Hollywood involve pets, but I can’t think of a better science project for young kids to take on and really fill a niche here…
Speaking of dogs, Duncan Geere at Wired Science shares video evidence that suggests the optimal speed at which a wet dog should shake to dry itself off.  “The Physics of Wet Dogs Shaking” sounds so very zen, doesn’t it?
Leaving our four-legged friends behind for a bit, Thea turned me on to a nifty webcam – it’s the one NASA put up so you can watch them build the next Mars rover.
Finally, Ingrid Wicklegren at Scientific American writes about her day with a master pickpocket as they developed a video on the neuroscience of magic.   Well worth a few minutes of your time…

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