Wescott’s Weekly Roundup:He’s back… and he’s tired

David Wescott here. Sorry for the unexpected hiatus – I’m very fortunate and grateful to be back here, contributing to Science Cheerleader and sharing some of the best in the Science Blogosphere.   I didn’t get much sleep while I was away, but I did find a lot of science blog posts that focused on the topic…
Don’t gamble when you’re tired.  Kathrine Harmon at Scientific American’s Observations Blog discusses research done at Duke University on sleep deprivation and long shots.   Maybe that’s why the casinos in Vegas are open all night…
Get a good night’s sleep to keep off the pounds.  Travis Saunders at Obesity Panacea shares some research that explains how sleep deprivation also leads to changes in eating and exercise that really aren’t good.
Chamomile tea doesn’t work.  Not according to Tinker Ready at Nature.com’s Boston Blog.
Then again, sleep deprivation may actually help someone like Charlie Sheen.  Allison at Dormivigilia finds a study that says acute sleep deprivation may be a drug-free option for treating drug addiction.   No studies available on tiger blood, though.

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