World Record Holder Beats Himself in Super Mario Kart

Over the past few years, we’ve met superstar scientists and engineers, champion track stars, Pro Bowl Cheerleaders, celebrieties and more. Apparently our very own Dr. John is a different kind of champion — a world record holder at Super Mario Kart!
In January, John was invited to the gaming and music conference known as MagFest, so attendees could challenge him to a video game duel. As an added bonus, the conference staff agreed to give a free t-shirt to anyone who could beat him. In over four hours, he went an amazing 75-2!
None of that is depicted in the above video. However, you will get to see John (wearing his good luck Science Cheerleader t-shirt!) attempt and fail to beat his current Twin Galaxies world record on Mario Circuit 1.
After the event, John said, “It was a strange experience. Upon losing/winning, I felt the same smorgasbord of emotions that Bobby Fischer must have experienced after playing himself in chess. Yes, I am comparing the two.”
A Magfest attendee selects the character that he will use while being annihilated by John.

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