Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets For Cooking and Eating

If you’re looking for the perfect gadget to help you in the kitchen, look no further. From Silicone tongs from Cuisipro to Microplane’s V-Blade Slicer, and Orblue’s dough whisks to S21 Ultra’s giant screen, there’s a kitchen gadget to suit every need. The best kitchen gadgets for cooking and eating aren’t expensive – but they’re certainly worth the investment.

Cuisipro silicone tongs

If you are planning to buy a set of tongs for the kitchen, you’ll need to decide between the OXO brand and Cuisipro. While OXO tongs are more attractive and cheaper than Cuisipro’s, they have a disadvantage. The OXO tongs are bulky, with handles five and a half inches wide. They’re also heavier than average, and a lot more difficult to close than the Cuisipro silicone tongs.

Microplane’s V-Blade Slicer

Microplane’s V-Blade Food Slicer is a mandoline-style slicer with a stainless steel blade. Using its reversible deck, you can make julienne-style cuts from many types of vegetables. You can use this slicer to create homemade chips and burgers, fruit-infused water, and even canning. Here are some tips for using it.

Orblue’s dough whisks

A must-have kitchen gadget, an ORBLUE dough whisk can help you make a wide range of breads, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. Its purpose is to break up lumps in dough and mix the ingredients together. Its wooden handle and superior stainless steel construction make it a durable option for baking. You can purchase a pack of two dough whisks from Orblue, which are made in the UK from oak and stainless steel. This product is also available as a food processor that comes with two bowls, two speeds, and an adjustable spiralizing disc.

S21 Utra’s giant screen

A Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the perfect gadget to use while preparing a meal in the kitchen. The device features a giant screen and includes a $70 case and S Pen. The case makes the S21 Ultra feel like an oversized device. The S21 Utra also comes with a USB-C port and a speaker. However, it does not come with an expansion slot.

STAUB’s cocottes

The Staub Cocotte is the ideal choice for cooking long and slow meals. Its self-basting spikes help to evenly distribute the cooking juices throughout the food. This cookware is lightweight and has an attractive lid. The patented flame discharge system also ensures that the food cooks evenly and thoroughly. And what’s more, the Staub Cocotte is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit!

Braun hand blender

Despite its simple appearance, the Braun hand blender is actually a multitasker, capable of doing a lot of different jobs. This tool not only blends and mixes, it can also shred and crush bread, blend sauces, and even grind coffee beans. It uses patented Powerbell tech to mix ingredients and draws them inwards, for a more smooth and creamy result. Its innovative design also includes a flexible blending leg for increased comfort.

Cuisinart coffee maker

Whether you drink instant or ground coffee, a Cuisinart coffee maker is a kitchen essential. This versatile machine has a ding for when your coffee is ready and can be programmed to turn itself off when you’re done. The black model is a popular choice with the British public. Cuisinart also sells a programmable model so you can set it to brew your coffee at a certain time each day.

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