When Was Inspector Gadget Made?

The bionic detective, Inspector Gadget, is on the trail of the evil Dr. Claw, who has reactivated the global crime syndicate MAD. In his investigation efforts, the bumbling bionic Inspector Gadget leaves a trail of destruction. Meanwhile, Gadget’s niece Penny uses martial arts to protect her uncle, and she has to fight off the handsome Talon. So, when was inspector gadget made?


The animated television series Inspector Gadget is set to receive a CGI remake, but first let’s take a look at its history. Originally produced by DiC Entertainment, the show ran for three seasons, from 1983 to 1986. It was so popular that it was eventually turned into motion pictures and a television series of its own. While in syndication, the series stayed on the air for years. After the first season, Gadget had mostly retired, but he made a cameo in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

The series’ storyline has become a staple of television shows. Gadget is a character on the show who searches for missing scientists. He also saves Penny from a murderous M.A.D. agent known as The Clockmaker. And he also takes on a new mission: finding the legendary El Dorado. The series’ Big Bad, Dr. Claw, plans to control the world by using Gadget-like androids.

Production company

Producers of Inspector Gadget are DiC Entertainment. The show was created by Andy Heyward and Bruno Bianchi, and was initially syndicated by the company. It premiered on September 12, 1983 and ran for two seasons. It was the first animated show to be presented in stereo. The show was highly successful, and remained in syndication well into the late 1990s. Although the production company that made inspector gadget did not make the show itself, it produced a number of other DiC cartoons.

The character of Inspector Gadget was made famous through animated films and live action films. The original film was a huge hit, and starred Matthew Broderick as the title character. The sequel was even bigger, with Rupert Everett playing Sanford Scolex, while Don Adams voiced Brain. A sequel was also made in 2015, and starred Elaine Hendrix and D. L. Hughley.


The first season of Inspector Gadget aired on Fox in Canada and the United States in 1983. The show’s writers and producers are all from the original series, and the animated version was produced in Tokyo, Japan, and Taiwan. In the USA, the show aired in September 1983. The original series featured Don Adams as Inspector Gadget, and Don Adams also voiced Maxwell Smart from the Get Smart cartoon. As a result, the character was similar to Maxwell Smart. Cree Summer voiced the character as well.

Penny is Gadget’s intelligent niece and the primary foil for M.A.D. plans. She uses high-tech gadgets, like a video watch, laptop, and holographic tablet to solve cases. However, her meddling often results in her capture, and Brain is often called in to save her. This character also plays a crucial role in solving cases. However, she is often captured by the villains, and rescuing her is a challenge for Gadget.

Influence on 80s animation

The influence of Inspector Gadget on 80s animation is clear. The series aired from 1982 to 1986 and was based on the character of a cyborg detective. The character was difficult to control due to high-tech gadgets implanted into his body. However, he managed to solve crimes and save the day. The series also inspired many other cartoons and movies that followed, including The Jetsons, Superman, and The Simpsons.

The original show’s creators, Andy Heyward, Jean Chalopin, and Bruno Bianchi, were involved in the concept and design. DIC’s American office was founded by Andy Heyward, a former Hanna-Barbera storywriter. Heyward developed the Inspector Gadget idea while at Hanna-Barbera. He also created the character Dynomutt, Dog Wonder, which was later featured on Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour.

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